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  • Turnkey Construction

    Turnkey Construction

    ELECTRON is a leading Turnkey construction contractor in the UAE since 2007. We believe in delivering a ‘TOTAL’ solution to the customers by engaging with them from the inception of the project to the handing over of the completed product. It means we hand over a completed project with keys to their dream building.

    ELECTRON handles the entire building project for you from the very beginning. Once a project is in hand, we discuss with the clients and confirm details, we take care of the final approvals, materials purchases, get a project costing approved, and finally, a contract is signed. Once we collect details from the customers, it is the duty and accountability of ELECTRON to own all aspects of the construction project. Depending on the requirements this would include;

    • Soil testing
    • Design stage
    • Pre-construction stage
    • Project close-out and Delivery
    • Obtaining necessary permits and licenses
    • Paying taxes and other fees
    • Remedy defects if any

    ELECTRON serves as a complete turnkey construction company and as a contractor for your interior build. Our years of expertise enable us to deliver innovative products to customers. We document every possible chain of actions to avoid any unnecessary issues that may arise later with the signed parties. We are determined to deliver and meet the performance guarantees we make with our clients in any type of construction project, as a leading contractor.

    Our range of expertise goes from houses, commercial buildings, car parks, petrol stations, and million-dollar projects all over UAE. We have a team of experienced project heads, ground workers, engineers, architects, supervisors, and skilled workers. Our prime focus is to deliver you a perfect and safe construction project. We respect and stick to government rules and practices to avoid later-stage confusion and modifications.

    Quality construction is our highlight, and our proven track record of completed projects ranges from construction, renovation, and restoration services for commercial and residential customers. Pre-specified criteria and time-bound delivery are the focused points in our turnkey constructions.

    We provide economical construction and ensure every aspect of the building construction including the interiors, styles, fittings and finishes meeting the highest quality standards.

    Contact us to know more in detail about the turnkey projects and enjoy our exclusive specialties.