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  • Steel Fabrication & Erection

    Steel Fabrication & Erection

    ELECTRON is a specialized company delivering multi-million metal building projects since its inception in 2007. We execute every steel fabrication and erection projects with the utmost care, safety standards, and time-bound delivery schedules. We deliver only quality guaranteed projects to our customers, and we hold on to industry standards and practices while executing each erection. Our staff are highly qualified and certified with years of experience and expertise in managing major structural works all over the UAE.

    Being a demanding and safety-oriented process, we cater to necessary knowledge, resource, and effort into any project to complete it with perfection. We are the best steel fabrication company in UAE who are reliable to execute any size and kind of steel project from design to installation.

    Our steel fabrication and erection capabilities are categorized into the following stages.

    • Main Frame Erection

    The mainframe construction begins with the erection of braced bays, which provides support for the other members during erection. All other components, like rods and braces, are completed further. Temporary bracing are applied to bypass any unexpected safety issues. Braced bay frames must be temporarily aligned to keep up with the protection protocol. At first, sheeting, alignment, and grouting works are done. And finally, additional frames are erected with finishing accessories to complete the job.

    • Installation of Girt and Purlins

    The second stage of steel fabrication is the installation of girt and purlins. These are necessary for bracing and installation along with mainframes. Girts and purlins are usually directly bolted to the mainframe steel, or we can install it using pre-welded bearing clips to the frame. Girts serve the purpose of providing support to the wall panels to resist wind loads, while a purlin backs the roof panels.

    • Placement of Insulation

    Insulation activities generally start after the installation of secondary steel, but before installing the cladding. In some buildings, we need Fiberglass insulation under fastened roofing. Such roofing is attached to purlins right through the insulation.

    • Installation of Roof and Wall Panels

    Though we can install wall panels first, we prefer to have roof first erected to avoid unnecessary danger and difficulties in the erection process. Installing a roof first helps to start any interior activities without delay and trouble. This sequence would improve the roof diagram action in the partially constructed building.