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  • Design & Build Solution

    Design & Build Solution

    Not only the process of building is a headache, but the whole process of coordinating, getting things done as and when required, gathering all the resources, and completing the project on time is also chaotic and complex for any individual.

    ELECTRON is a comprehensive design & build solutions provider in the UAE since 2007. With exceptional experience in handling such projects for commercial, retail, entertainment, educational, and industrial projects for clients for 13+ years in the UAE.

    Therefore, when you choose ELECTRON as your consultant and design & build partner, you are also getting benefited from an all-inclusive solution provider with accountability. We shoulder the responsibilities of your project entirely, from pre-construction to post-construction, which includes the design phase. It incorporates a preventive maintenance program to avoid unwanted confusion, build-errors, and customer dissatisfaction. We work based on a proven thumb rule to ensure the efficiency of the project and delivery of it on time.

    ELECTRON holds the customers, design team, and the contractors inside a loop to ensure 100% perception and awareness of the project. From pre-planning to handing over of the project, ELECTRON keeps all the major factors at our reach to deliver a quality product. This supports us in receiving optimal individual contributions in the project. This cordial association
    with the contractors, design team and the customers enable us to handle the documentation and project design works easily. This would also reduce the chance of mistakes and modifications thereby eliminating any unforeseen expenses and efforts.

    ELECTRON maintains a high level of communication with the customers and contractors, including the design team, to get the aspired results fast. This methodology works better in fast-tracked projects, where you need to meet the deadlines and submit regular progress assessments. Our services are cost-effective, and we hold the reputation for on-time completion of the projects. We also involve in the proper design and documentation to ensure the smooth
    functioning of the project from the beginning.

    With vast experience and rightful guidance of supporting visionary management, we can deliver our services with many dedicated features and qualities like;

    • Optimum quality control
    • Fast project turnaround
    • Predictable costs
    • Reduced administrative burdens
    • Lower total cost
    • Improved risk management

    Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and to get personalized solutions for a perfectly executed project and customer satisfaction.