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  • Green Building Solution

    Green Building Solution

    ELECTRON is known for its expertise in delivering Green Building Solutions in the UAE since 2007. We need to efficiently plan a lot of building aspects to meet the requirements for a Green Building.

    • Foundation works on site
    • Electrical works
    • Plumbing
    • Air Conditioning
    • The flooring of the warehouse or building
    • Decking, Fencing & Railing
    • Roofing of the warehouse or building
    • Insulation
    • Wall Coverings
    • Windows
    • Sliding
    • Doors
    • Finishing

    A green building is not just an insignificant building, but the construction methods and its influences matter too. The principal aim is to decrease environmental impacts. ELECTRON is very experienced in delivering numerous incredible projects. Our core aim is not just to use green materials in the construction but to offer a much more efficient, durable, and energy-saving.

    With an expert understanding of the green building ratings and verifications, ELECTRON remains in the lead role in providing energy-efficient green buildings. The entire process of construction includes choosing the right raw materials, environmentally friendly installations, recycling of raw materials, and waste management.

    The Green architects and contractors would do all the needful to install and implement things that can lessen your energy needs and extend the life of materials. ELECTRON takes extra care in disposing of waste materials incurred during the construction. Recyclable materials are identified and transferred to proper sources. Laborers segregate materials according to their type and classifications. Non-recyclable elements are disposed to designated places as per the instruction received. We follow and practice different Green Construction protocols outlined and provide an efficient and better end product to customers or owners.

    ELECTRON also has expert engineers and architects to discuss with you on the enormous benefits of using green construction by adding or converting the building into a healthy structure. We help you maximize energy efficiency and minimize water usage. Our green building solutions offer you increased productivity, enhanced comfort, positivity, minimized temperature stratification’s, and meet the diverse need of occupants.

    We produce sensible projects to meet your unique demands and requirements. This intelligent layout comprises of electrical infrastructure, sustainable energy-saving equipment, cost-saving innovations, smart power distributions, and water allocations would be the best determinants in a green building.