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  • Infrastructure


    ELECTRON is one of the major construction contractors in the UAE since 2007. Having executed numerous infrastructure projects in the UAE, we possess higher levels of success ratio and accreditation’s from the major contractors and consultants in the Middle East.

    Our team is exceptionally known for their contributions in;

    • Roads and Bridges
    • Drainage / Sewer Networks
    • Water Supply Networks
    • Irrigation Networks
    • Urban Infrastructure Projects

    With international experience and craftsmanship, ELECTRON can undertake and execute large-scale projects in road and bridge development, tunnels, airports, pipelines, ports and harbors, water, power, and rail projects. We offer a reliable and cost-effective service in the infrastructure development sector. Our extensive experience, professionalism, quality-oriented services, and time-bound completion are some of the factors helping us to dominate the market.

    With 14+ years of continuous experience in the UAE, we have the right resources and equipment in stock and or at the reach of a goal. These are ready to be mobilized to sites to avoid any unnecessary delays in work. With an exceptionally competent management team, promising engineers and skilled laborers, we guarantee satisfaction and timely completion of every project within budget. All these resources and facilities allow us to offer optimal solutions to client’s requirements throughout the project phase.

    Our solutions are innovative and sustainable. We engage with full commitment from pre-construction to post-construction support. Quality and safety are two primary points we take care of throughout the project. All our actions will be complying with the local government bodies and legislation’s at par with the client requirements. We cherish a corporate social responsibility in training employees and preventing any work site accidents from happening. We take extra care in delivering environment-friendly solutions all over the Middle East. We also offer continuous training and knowledge to our entire team and evaluate its effectiveness continuously.

    Our technical expertise has enabled us to contribute to the overall growth in the infrastructure development sector of the UAE. We offer competitive and cost-effective solutions to customers. We uphold and implement international standards throughout the project phase. We make use of the local facilities and resources to ensure a smooth flow on the project progress, causing no delay and full time availability.