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  • In-house MEP Solutions

    In-house MEP Solutions

    ELECTRON is one of the leading MEP contractors in the UAE with 14+ years of experience. We are renowned for delivering a total solution to our customers including Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing. We are highly proficient in the MEP sector with an excellent MEP department consisting of engineers, plumbers, electricians, and other technical people. ELECTRON is also well known in terms of design and installation services in the MEP segment. We have proved ourselves in the installation of multi-services, incorporating piping works, ventilation ductworks, electrical containment systems, and many more.

    Each unique module is designed considering the clients & requirements and under expert supervision to provide the best services to our valued clients. ELECTRON ELECTROMECHANICAL has gained significant experience across all market sectors, including factories, warehouses, villas, office buildings, cold storage, and more.

    Our MEP Divisions

    • HVAC

    ELECTRON ELECTROMECHANICAL has its divisions to design and install Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems for indoor automotive environmental comfort. HVAC is one of the sub-disciplines of mechanical engineering. It is derived based on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer.


    ELECTRON ELECTROMECHANICAL is known for its well trained and experienced team of engineers. We have an in-house department for electrical works. Our team is well versed in industry standards and practices, as well as with the government rules and regulations. We can deliver the best in class services to clients to meet their expectations and requirements.


    ELECTORN’s plumbing division is highly experienced and flexible to meet your emerging needs on time and at your convenience. The plumbing design team is very skilled in understanding your requirements. We also take extra care in optimally scheduling as it is a significant factor in designing plumbing drainage systems. Thus, we ensure a proper and safe set-up strategy for the building construction, embracing all works associate with plumbing and drainage systems. Customers can take advantage of the expert service of ELECTRON by opting for a plumbing drainage system plan before the construction or installation and have safety and quality assurance.


    ELECTRON ELECTROMECHANICAL is a prominent leader in the firefighting industry. We design, install, inspect, and take care of the maintenance of all firefighting related services and objects. We design and install Fire Sprinklers, Suppression and Detection Systems of all types and other firefighting equipment successfully in all over UAE since 2006. Our combined team knowledge, effort, and design capabilities help us maintain our reputation in the market.